slave Changelog

Here you can see the full list of changes between each slave release.

Version 0.4.0

Note: This release breaks backwards compatibility.

  • Changed the notation of a connection to transport. This name is more widely used, see e.g. twisted, or asyncio.

  • Removed the direct usage of the transport object in device driver methods. Now almost all methods use the InstrumentBase._query() and InstrumentBase._write() methods.

    There are only a few exceptions:

    • slave.srs.sr830.SR830.trace()
    • slave.srsr.sr830.SR830.snap()
  • Renamed slave.core.InstrumentBase._cfg attribute to _protocol and in all dependant cases.

Changes to the slave.core module:

  • The InstrumentBase.transport`attribute was renamed to `_transport to be more consistent. This avoids shadowing of possible commands and show the intent that in general the transport should not be used directly.

Changes to the slave.lakeshore.ls340 module:

  • The slave.lakeshore.ls340.Curve.delete() method now raises a RuntimeError when called on a read-only curve.
  • The slave.lakeshore.ls340.LS340._factory_defaults() method does not take the boolean confirm argument anymore. The trailing underscore should be warning enough that you know what you’re doing.
  • The slave.lakeshore.ls340.LS340.columnx attributes are replaced by a tuple of column instance.

Changes to the slave.lakeshore.ls370 module:

  • Implemented the missing relay commands LS370.low_relay and LS370.high_relay.